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Projected Voyages (2013)

Production Team

Director: Alejandro Torres

Asst. Director: Jenny Adler

Stage Management: Sophia Fin

Asst. Stage Management: Connie Carranza

Set Design: Alejandro Torres/Sophia Fin

Lighting Design: Sarah Mosby

Costume Design: Collaoratively Designed

Video Design: Alejandro Torres

Poster Design: Arturo Torres


The Company of Performers

Marinna Benzon

Megan Coss

Jamie Harkin

Joseph Lerma

Brett Mermer

David Miller

Sarah Mosby

Tiziana Perinotti


Original Run

May 9, 11-12 & 17-19 2013

The Alcove Theatre



Projected Voyages is a new and original devised work created by members of The Overcast Theatre Company in San Francisco. This piece of theatre explores scenes, conversations, music, lectures, experiments, and improvisation with the connecting themes of dreams, nightmares, and passing thoughts.


The production is split into two parts: one being a traditional theatre showcase and the second being a performance art installation. Audience members can expect to both sit back and enjoy an evening of live theatre and a night of interactions, sideshows, and participation all while walking amongst the performers.


This piece was created out of discussions, journaling, exploration of themes, established texts, memories, daydreaming, and the constant stream of pictures in our heads. Experimenting with such a universal theme that is dreams our possibilities for works is boundless.


Artistic Director Alejandro Torres was inspired to devise and curate the piece and to focus on dreams, as he believes them to be for him and endless source of inspiration and variations of looking at reality.


Expect to see dreams of happiness, new experiences, escape, murky perceptions of reality, variations of personalities, disturbing thoughts, discussions of humanity, lucid dreaming, projections, live video, and uncanny encounters. 


You may even see your own dream realized.

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