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Do The Math

Do The Math is a world premiere production of selections from Emily Galvin's book of poetry and poetic dialogues.  An ensemble of three actors creates a sequence of six hyper-realistic vignettes.  This dark comedy explores themes of love, loss, and isolation using algorithms to expose patterns in behavior.  The evocative language mixed with the elegant purity of the mathematical architecture allows for a rhythmic and organic unfolding in time.



Thu-Sat March 12-14 & 

Wed- Sat March 18-21


The Phoenix Theatre

414 Mason Street 

San Francisco, CA 94102

General $15/Discount $12


Production Team

Director- Megan Hardy

Asst. Stage Manager/Asst. Director- Joshua Selesnick

Set Design/Prop Design- Megan Hardy/Alejandro Torres

Projections Design- Alejandro Torres



Gift Harris

Jaqueline O'Kelly

Phil Wong


Check out our teaser

trailer here.

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