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Current Season

Original Run

Fri-Sat Mar 14-15 8pm

Sun Mar 16 5pm

Wed-Sat Mar 19-22 8pm


The Phoenix Theater

414 Mason Street (6th Floor)

San Francisco, CA 94102

General $13/Discount $11


Production Team

Vera Blackwell- Translator

Director- Alejandro Torres

Asst. Director- Marinna Benzon

Stage Manager- Sarah Mosby

Asst. Stage Manager- Connie Carranza

Set Design- Sophia Fin & Alejandro Torres

Costume Design- Connie Carranza

Lighting Design- Sarah Mosby

Poster Design- Stephanie Pulford


Lucas Alves- The Clerk

Megan Coss- Mrs. Pludek

Samanta Cubias- The Secretary

Sophia Fin- Amanda

Megan Hardy- Maxy Falk

Jamie Harkin- Hugo Pludek

Joseph Lerma- Mr. Pludek

Taylor Petracek- Peter Pludek

James Ross- The Director


With our first take at contemporary Czech theatre we bring you some of the finest, a play by former president of the country, dissident, and humanitarian: Vaclav Havel. The Garden Party was the first major play by Havel, and first performed in 1963 in a decade riddled with dissent, totalitarianism, volatile political structures, inspiration, creativity, and radical change. 

The play follows Hugo Pludek in his unexpected misadventures in the Offices of Liquidation and Inauguration as he searches for his apparent mentor on how to be a functional member of society. Due to pressure from his hopeful and desperate lower middle class parents he agrees to go to The Garden Party. Once there he is taken aback by both the bureaucratic systems and the behaviors of the workers he meets. After being reprimanded for suggesting a more practical method to the system, Hugo sits quietly and observes closely to absorb all he needs to adapt. Little by little Hugo learns to play the game quite skillfully, but what will embracing and succeeding in the organization do to him?

Havel's play will sure to keep you smiling all night long with its absurdly funny episodes, circumstances, and characters. Never again will an office or a night with the family seem the same again as Havel's imagination stretches the everyday to its limits and ultimately tears it to pieces.

Check out our promotional teaser below!

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